5 Inch Cordless Circular Saw




If you are a gardening enthusiast, this cordless circular saw is ideal for you.

Using a brushless motor, it can handle a variety of trees, shrubs, branches, etc.  The high motor speed of 10,000rpm and the sharp saw blade allow you to quickly cut thick wood and other materials.  Lightweight design reduces hand fatigue.  At the same time, the rechargeable battery can support your outdoor work.  This is the perfect addition for making yard work easy!

Excellent Performance:  The pure-copper brushless motor with a high speed, and long-lasting range. Compared to electric saws powered by gasoline, it requires less maintenance, and it is also electronically controlled to optimize battery energy use for up to 50% longer run time per charge.  The sharp saw blade with dense gears can quickly cut and tear thick wood to promote your work efficiency.

Cordless Design & Light Weight:  The cordless design makes it easier for you to work outdoors. The light weight allows you to use it effortlessly with one hand.  Women and the elderly will not feel fatigued after using it for a long time.

Safety Features:  The double switch design (safety lock & switch button) prevents accidental activation and it will stop working when the switch is released.  The thickened & widened guide plate ensures good stability to allow for safe cutting and the protective cover can prevent sparks and dust from splashing.  Meanwhile, overheat protection and overload protection provide maximum protection for you.

Adjustable Cutting Depth & Bevel:  The adjustable cutting depth and maximum bevel cutting capability of 45° help with accurate and fast bevel cutting.

Heat Dissipation Holes:   The dense heat dissipation holes on the side can dissipate heat in time to avoid burning the machine, which can prolong the service life of this product.

Ergonomic Handle:   The ergonomic rubber handle is comfortable to hold, which can reduce the fatigue of your hands and arms, and provide you with a pleasant experience.

Adapts to the Makita 18 V Battery: 

√ Compatible with 18V series lithium battery, e.g. BL1850B(1972858),BL1840B(1972701),BL1830B(1976022),BL1430B(1976187),

√ Compatible with BL1850,BL1840,BL1440(1963916),

× NOT compatible with G-series batteries such as BL1813G(196663-9) BL1413G(196882-7) BL1415G BL1430G BL1815G, etc.

× NOT compatible with an 18 V Ni-CD battery, e.g. 1822 (194465-7)

Set 1
1* Cordless circular saw
1* circular saw blade

Set 2
1* Cordless circular saw
1* circular saw blade
1* 4.0Ah lithium battery
1* battery charger
2*wrench set

Set 3
1* Cordless circular saw
1* circular saw blade
2* 4.0Ah lithium battery
1* battery charger
2*wrench set

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 58 × 45 × 34 cm
Motor type



Home DIY





Max. Cutting Depth


Blade Diameter


No-Load Speed


Rated Input Power



Wood Saw

Rated Voltage


Power Source


Saw Type

Circular Saw

Brand Name



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